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Bringing out the best of every individual

Siew Lin
Senior Career Advisor

Bringing out the best of every individual

Siew Lin is a Registered and Licensed Counselor (KB, PA). With a Bachelors' degree (Honours) in Communication from UKM, and then a Masters in Counseling from UM, she has depth of qualification behind her eighteen years of experience as well.

Having extensively counseled individuals, couples and families, she has focused on issues relating to self transformation, self esteem, difficult life adjustment and other mental health related issues.  

She has practiced at the University Malaya Medical Centre and Integrated Psychology Network and Brain Mind Specialist Clinic.  She has also volunteers with a number of non-profit organizations. 

She strongly believes that each individual is a unique and creative person who has special gifts to contribute to society.  This belief has driven her to work with individuals affected in life transition.  Blending with her unique way to engage with people, and her special way to motivate people, she has been actively supporting employees who have been through organizational restructuring by changing mindsets towards growth and looking out for opportunities.

Siew Lin speaks fluent English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, Cantonese and Hokkien dialects.