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Bringing out the best of every individual

Senior Career Advisor

Bringing out the best of every individual

Hagen has over 11 years of experience in recruitment and business development acquired from broad-base industries right from oil and gas, B2B congresses and events, banking and finance, information technology to security industry. She is a specialist in creating business expansion through placing the right talent.

She is accredited as a Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner from ANLP International CIC, England and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism Management (Hons) from University Utara Malaysia.

She truly believes that strong will-power is the ultimate key to being successful in life. There is no short-cut in a successful story as it requires a lot of determination, full energy and hard work. She always says, “If you don’t like your life today, find a way to make it better now.” Hagen believes that to achieve human excellence, individuals need to break norms and demonstrate what is really possible. Striving and achieving success is an art. Explore it.