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Delivering effective career advice to boost individuals spirit.

Senior Career Advisor

Delivering effective career advice to boost individuals spirit.

Anisah has more than 18 years of training and consulting experience in career transition, communication, customer relations and franchise business both in Malaysia and England.

She started her career as a university lecturer then moved to a cellular communication company to do training and staff development. With her strengths and interest in communication, she initiated the experiential learning programme specifically for the whole customer service division in which she linked the importance of Teamwork, Leadership and Communication (TLC) in a person. She held a senior management position in a food franchising business, and was one of the original team members of the first Malaysian hot dog franchisor. She was in charge of the franchise systems, operations and was responsible for successful fund raising for the company.

While in England, Anisah was involved in the implementing and conducting the Electronic Customer Service Relations (ECRM) programmes for a group of local travel agencies and was also an EFL lecturer at Kensington and Chelsea College, London. She was also the liaison between a legal firm and the UK Home Office assisting immigrants at interviews. With her personality and diverse professional experience, Anisah was offered to be the Private Secretary for Her Majesty the Queen of Malaysia from Dec 2006 – 2008. The exposure she gained from the royal assignment, inclusive of palace and royal protocol, only added more value to her existing skills and knowledge in training and consulting.

Anisah has a Bachelor of Arts in Education and a MA TESL from the USA.