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Confused about what should I do with my life? Find here

Confused about what should I do with my life? Find here

This is the most common question we all face in our life. There comes a time in our life when all our efforts are not producing the results we expect or we are not sure about our future. We don’t know what we are doing is right or not or what exactly we need to do for a better future. All these questions sum up to a question what should I do with my life?

Answer to this question is not simple and easy. Also, the answer varies from person to person which makes it even harder to answer. The answer is nowhere but with you, you just have to identify it.

We cannot find the answer for you but here are the steps that will help you to answer this question.

Connect the dots backward

You cannot connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.

It’s ok if you are not clear about your future in the present moment. Keep working with your pace(creating dots) and in the future, you will see all your hard work will give results(dots will connect backward).

When you keep focusing on the results, you are not able to focus on work properly. For a while, shift your focus to your work and stop thinking about the result. The result is the future, your work is your present. When you work on your present than only the future will come.

Don't afraid of failing

Failure is just a step before success. If you have failed in anything, you are lucky because most people even never try. When you fail it’s a sign that you have tried. Every failure comes with a lesson, so don’t get afraid that you will fail instead get excited that you will learn an important lesson.

Fear of failure is the one and sole reason for many people to give up on their dreams. You might have heard it before, no one succeed in their first attempt. If you keep thinking about failure on your very first step, you will never be able to move further.

Take a break

What should I do with my life? Most often this question strike in mind when you are exhausted and frustrated. The best answer to this question, for now, is taking a break from it. Just stop thinking about this topic and divert your mind somewhere else. 

Go for a vacation or invest your time in a hobby or play your favorite game or watch your favorite movie. Just do anything that will make you feel good and divert your mind from this question. The best solution and ideas born when your mind is relaxed and your heart is happy. So, take a break and relax your mind.

Talk to your loved ones

Whenever you feel like you get stuck in life, call your loved ones. Don’t talk about your problems instead ask them about their life. What they are doing in their life and how they reached where they are today. Know their ambitions, their motivations, and inspiration. You will get amazed knowing that everyone is struggling but they are not giving up. When you listen to other people’s struggles, it will help you to fight with yours.

Whenever I feel like I am getting stuck in life, I call my mom. She always greets me with all the happiness and love. It left me amazed at how she always remain this happy and calm. She does the same set of work every day, didn’t travel much, doesn’t have many friends and still, she is happy. My life is much more happening than her and here I am feeling like getting stuck.

It’s not about your bad life or your goals, it’s all about your inner happiness and peace. When you start enjoying everything you do, you’ll get the direction of your life.

Clear your priorities

| "Jack of all trades, master of none" |

When you are confused about what you should do with your life, it’s because you are trying too many things at a time. Multitasking is good and all but multitasking also divides your focus. When you attempt way too many things that you can actually handle, you will never get expected results.

If you are confused about your interset and priorities, give yourself some time and clear your head. Take a paper and make a list of all the tasks that are important to you. Now, rearrange this list priority wise. Attempt a single task at a time and give your best in it. The chances of your failure decrease by 50% directly.

Whenever I get confused between too many things, I prepare a list and ask myself which thing I really wanted to do. Which of these tasks will give me real happiness? What I can do daily and don’t get bored doing it? Which task I can do daily without any income from it?

Ask yourself these questions, you may get an answer you were looking for.

Not knowing is good

After reading this far, still, you are not clear about your priorities, your goals, and your life. Everything seems unclear and roads look block from where are you today. You feel like you are not reaching anywhere. If this is your thought at this point in life, keep reading.

It’s ok to not know certain things now. If you know everything ahead of time, what remains the purpose of life? You already know everything that is about to happen, there is no fun in it. Don’t think about the destination, instead learn to enjoy the journey.

It’s like you are driving a car in foggy weather. You are not able to see far away but you can see only about 20-30 meters. In this situation, stopping the car is more dangerous than driving it ahead. If you stop the car, vehicles behind you might hit you, but if you keep driving although you are not able to see far, you will reach your destination sooner or later. Your life is that car only, it’s okay if you are not able to see your result now, keep working results will come one day.


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