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How To Navigate Your Way At Work During Ramadan

How To Navigate Your Way At Work During Ramadan

Ramadan at Work

Everything you need to know about navigating the office during the holy month.


1. 'Deskercising' helps you refocus

Do some quick stretches at your desk to refocus on work. Sit up straight-shoulders back, lower back slightly arched-to feel more energized.

2. Fasting while traveling on work

The scriptures say you're permitted to abandon the fast if it's inconvenient during travel. You can make up for it later.

3. Scheduling client meetings

Ask for a time that suits them. It's considerate, plus it'll help determine when they are likely to be most receptive. Late morning is best as people are more likely to be tired and dehydrated close to Iftar.

4. Break fast & network

An Iftar invitation can be a great way to close a deal. If you're hosting clients, invite them for Suhoor. It's less popular hence more unique.

5. Handshake

Don't be suprised if a colleague shies away from shaking hands. Many employees become more reserved during the holy month.

6. Use this quiet time productively

Ramadan is the ideal time to brainstorm, plan and assess company progress. It's also a good time for your organization to give back by participating in charitable activities.


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